Visionhealth Eye Center is committed to providing our patients with the very best in vision care.  Dr. Justin Hart, Dr. Greg Huntress, and Dr. Scott McSpadden offer a full scope of optometric services to meet the needs of the entire family--from young children in their developmental years to the special health considerations of seniors.



For your convenience and comfort...


  • We provide most patient information forms online. You only have a couple forms to sign once you're here then just relax and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.
  • At Visionhealth Eye Center, we have the latest technology to keep you informed on upcoming appointments and even notify you when your glasses or contacts are in via text, email or phone call.
  • Purchasing contacts, drops, and solutions has never been easier. No need to wait, visit our online store and have them shipped directly to your house.
  • We accept most medical and vision insurance plans, probably yours too!



Now 3 locations to serve you better. Call 877-700-3937 to find a location nearest to you!


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